Master/Detail drop down lookup in Excel

Excellent trick when you should have Master/Detail lookup combo box in your Excel form. This is quite often needed. Here is an example:

On Master(Level1) value is choose from dropdown box.

Detail(Level2) Dropdown selection depends on Master(Level1)

While looking for easy, expandable way, I found one. Download sample excel file.

It uses “Named Ranges” extensively, very useful MS Excel feature. My comments to it:

  • top_1 – Range contains 1 row with all Master text cells
  • top2_ – Range contains 2 rows with Master text cells and Detail named range cells
  • (agro,production) – Ranges for Detail cells

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  1. given 24 numbers, (97,101,139,41,37,31,29,89,23,19,8,13,131,19,73,97,19,139,79,67,61,17,113,127)taken 5 at a time, geranete the unique combinations add up to 200. so, num combination to test 42504, optimal results 27 groups of 5 numbers : example (8-17-37-41-97)-(8-13-37-41-101)etc. this program is in java. How is possible to do this in EXCEL 2003 . How is possible to do this in excel 2003 step by see on video would be just perfect.

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