The word “cloud” became a buzz-word quite a while and Google search results for the word cloud is far away from real clouds in the sky. Although, many people and even web developers are quite away from understanding of what cloud is, how it works and how to take an advantage by using it. So clouds are really “cloudy”.

Being a web developer this topic is in area of my interests for some time, but I always thought that clouds are for really big players. By big I assume million of clients, billions of page loads, terabytes of data, etc.. My mistake!

Recently I came across with Rackspace cloud and understood how wrong I was. It changed my understanding  into more practical way and I gave up my VPS and moved to the cloud.

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When your brand new application looks shinny, it is time to put it on the Internet, process called deployment. Usually this involves several steps, like uploading application files, creating remote database, setting up configuration, etc.. Once it is setup and running you reazlise that your app is missing features X, Y and Z and deployment starts over and over again, this often leads to strange bugs.

I use simple lftp command line tool to automate project deployment via FTP and eliminate any possible deployment errors.

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