While in Tbilisi, I planned a weekend trip to the mountains. Frankly, mountains - it's my weakness. Love the mountains - high, rocky, green, with snow-capped peaks. Majestic views that do not want to pass the camera. This time I was sent to Khevsureti. The tour was scheduled for two days, with an overnight stay in tents. Our final destination was the village of Shatili. On the way we saw several old buildings, but the biggest attraction is of course the nature of the region. Continue reading

Hello, this is next part of the story of my trip to Georgia. This time, I will talk about a tour of the historic city of Mtskheta, which was able to visit in one day. The city is very old, established in 1500-1300 BC and  is the first capital of the kingdom of Kartli (Georgia), but from the past have only two temples. Now it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Georgia where one can see many historical and religious monuments. Continue reading

This post I want to open a small series of publications about my trip to Georgia, I ean country in Caucasus region. On business, I've been here four weeks, most of the time was busy working, so to explore the interesting things were only off by week end. It turned out to do and the two-day excursions with overnight stays in a hostel or tent 🙂 Got a lot of impressions that and want to share, as well as the practical side of things, and pictures.

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