Kakheti, the area in eastern Georgia, for centuries known around the world for its wines, varieties of which there are about seventy. The history of winemaking in Kakheti begins in III-II centuries BC The heart of this generous region - Alazani Valley. Feature of the technology Kakheti wine type: grape must fermentation occurs in kvevri, the size of which can be truly gigantic, see picture. Continue reading

This time I was in Kazbegi. Kazbegi town, located at the foot of Mount Kazbek, near the Terek River, which originates in Georgia. Mount Kazbek is one of the highest peaks, not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus, which is so rich in majestic peaks. Is the "top" of the stunning beauty of the mountain is covered by snow and ice valley that periodically descend. Mount Kazbek is to the side of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Height of the mountain up to 5000 meters. Continue reading