Browser popularity – my own chart

Quite often I see some reviewes of browser popularity on the Internet. I am not a big fun of Anti-MS trust but I watch closely success of open players like Firefox and new players like Chrome. So I did my own analysis of browser popularity using my blog.

For period of 3 months from 15 June to 15 of September I’ve got 3K unique visitors and browser distribution analysed by Google Analitics is below:

  1. ___ Firefox – 37.41%
  2. ___ Chrome – 32.47%
  3. ___ Internet Explorer – 16.87%
  4. ___ Opera – 8.75%
  5. ___ Safari – 2.42%
Low share of IE can be explained by my blog being more for tech people, more advanced users, who already switched to best browsers :)

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