Realty site with backend

Realty site for Chicago based realty agency with powerfull backend.

Main site features:

  • Simple search
  • Advanced search using ~20 variables
  • GoogleMap integration
  • Listing page
  • Contact forms

Backend features

  • Multi role based access
  • CRUD on apartments,buildings,images,floorplans,etc..
  • Craigslist posting
  • Analytics graphs
  • Reporting/Planning
  • Integration with SugarCRM
  • API for iPhone application

Used technologies and frameworks

  • PHP5
  • CodeIgnighter framework
  • jQuery (fancybox, tokeninput,ba-hashchange,form,galleria)
  • jQuery-UI
  • Flot/Highcharts charts
  • AJAX, Email
  • CSS/JS caching

Screenshots from front-end only. Backend is under NDA.

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