Using layout pattern with CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is great framework by its simplicity. But when I moved from CakePHP, I really missed layout pattern.

CodeIgniter documentations offers this way to include non-changing site header and footer

For sure it isn’t flexible and does not show page structure in a clear way. For many years I use layout pattern. Layout describes whole page as a template with blocks for header, menu, content, etc like on figure below. On page rendering these blocks are filled with data.

I found a small code snipped for CI and improved it. You are welcome to try!

Lets start from simple usage example

Simple usage of Layout

1. Download and put Layout.php into application/libraries folder.

2. Create new default layout in views/layout/default.php with content:

3. Create controller

Simple. All data passed to the template in $data is also passed to the layout template.

Handling JS & CSS

This is first area of improvement.

I added code to include most used external resources like Javascript and CSS files. This way its possible to make optimizations later like stripping/minimizing content or combining into one file.

Use this for layout/default.php to include resources. It contains two variable $css_for_layout and $js_for_layout


CI offers a way to create a parent class for all controllers in the project. Its a very good place to put site global code.

For example it is not convinient to specify default template in each controller file since sites usually have only one template. Same is related to resources like JS and CSS, some of them are global and must be included in each sit epage.

Lets create file in application/core/MY_Controller.php with content

Next is the controller class itself

Template inheritace like in Twig in CodeIgniter

Next area of improvement.

Twig is a popular template engine available for PHP and it has a very nice feature called template inheritance. I personally do not see any practical usage of any template engines except PHP itself, but I love this feature and incorporated it here.

Where to use it? Example: You want to implement breadcrumbs and they depends on what is current page.

In your layout make a space for it anywhere with block function

In page template include block with same name and it would be replaced in layout with content generated in template

Full source code

Download Layout.php

Comments are very welcome!


  1. I remember reading somewhere that short opening tags were deprecated and their use was discouraged. I looked into this further and it turns out that while <? is indeed on the way out from php 5.4 upwards <?= is not. So I guess it's ok to use them.

  2. Great post. Compliments and thanks for sharing. CI is always intuitive e fast to understand and this post help me to know another aspect of this interesting framework.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi,
    when I use this code:
    class Main extends CI_Controller {
    public $layout_view = ‘layout/default’;

    public function index() {
    // Page local resource
    $this->layout->title(‘Page title’);
    have in browser:

    An Error Was Encountered

    Unable to load the requested file: index.php
    I use HMVC and hold template file in layout/default/default.php

  4. Sorry, this is correct code:
    class Blog extends CI_Controller {
    // Layout used in this controller
    public $layout_view = ‘../../layout/default/default’;

    public function index() {
    $this->load->library(‘layout’); // Load layout library
    $this->layout->title(‘Site index page’); // Set page title
    $data = array();
    $this->layout->view(‘index’, $data); // Render view and layout

  5. Hello Dear,

    Really it is a great article. I did not find such a great article till now. It is really very much helpful. Keep doing the great work.

  6. Hi
    I want to add layout controller bases and that layout is work on all functions which is added on that controller pls reply asap

  7. That’s a nice Layout class you’ve developed.
    I think there is an issue when setting new layout_view from the action. I hope that code below fixes it.


    function Layout()
    $this->obj = & get_instance();
    $this->layout_view = "layout/default.php";
    // Grab layout from called controller

    function view($view, $data = null, $return = false)
    if (isset($this->obj->layout_view))
    $this->layout_view = $this->obj->layout_view; // Render template

  8. Hi Colud you please tell me how your Block feature works?
    I tried it but nothing is showing in my layout…

    What exactly doing in the block() ?

  9. I like this simplistic way of managing the layouts and am using it in my site. However, one issue I have now is, the block works fine when there is static html code inside, but it fails when I m executing php inside it. Any ideas on how to handle this.

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