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Hello there,

My name is Constantin and I work as independant consultant on the Internet projects like sites and corporate application development.

I do this blog to cover interesting problems and topics appear in my professional experience and some of my personal life experience.


You can hire me for a work related to topics below:

  • PHP development using WordPress, CakePHP, Codeigniter
  • Amazon and Rackspace cloud setup
  • Security Audit of PHP application code for vulnerabilities like SQL-injections, XSS-attacks and others
  • Finding bottlenecks in high load applications
  • MySQL performance tuning
  • LAMP setup and administration


Over 7 years I’ve been involved into development of Internet projects and corporate applications from simple sites to complex architecture applications.

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While web development may define what I currently do for a living, it does not define who I am as a person. With that said, here are some rambling thoughts about me if you care to know.

I enjoy  travelling, hiking, skiing, photography, great food, great music, and great conversation.

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  1. Hi Constantin,

    I came across your ‘rss-mixer’ in search of a tool or starting point to create a feed of “summary posts” of other feeds (gather a couple of items in one feed, make one item of them, then make that available as another feed).

    In my case, I’m using an RSS reader that lets me ‘publish’ articles I like, and I want to post a “weekly summary” on my blog (as a single post).

    Your code was a nice and easy start to have something running quickly, and I’d like to publish that to a github repository for further re-use. Preferably under a GPL license.

    Your download doesn’t mention a specific license, and your website is copyrighted, so I’m curious if you’re ok with that (obviously with due credit to you).

    My current version differs quite a bit from yours, it lets me specify a list of feeds and templates to use with each feed, and creates new feeds with items summarising the “current week”. But I’m working on a version to combine both approaches: mix and summarise, configurable by hacking some files.

    Since you publish it for all to use, I hope you’re ok with me releasing it under GPL on github. Let me know what you think!

    Kind regards


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