Painful topic once you need a visual tool to connect to MS-SQL once or twice using your shiny MacBook.

All tools I found are either too expensive either too basic and frustrating.

Except one I found recently.


Free, open-source, universal database client with tons of features and very visual.  Just use it!

Todays update for docker “17.06.0-rc1-ce-mac13” brough very good news.

  • Add an experimental DNS name for the host: docker.for.mac.localhost

Which means that from inside the container you can connect to host system using new DNS name “docker.for.mac.localhost”.

This is extremely useful for configuring XDebug, which connects to host system IDE.  Bye-bye custom scripts to pass host IP inside the container. Happy debugging!


Famous issue 77 have some news, finally!


Here is the magic to your docker-compose.yml that brings speed to big PHP projects like Drupal or WordPress




Issue link

After some very successful photo sessions in Africa, my collection counted like 2000 photos. I was quite happy since most of them were good to show to my friends.

Once in the evening I open my Picture folder in Ubuntu and found that it is empty. Completely empty, nothing was there. I was totally destroyed, shocked.

But I stayed optimistic, since nothing is lost without tracks, even in some cases it is very hard to destroy piece of information.

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