If you are Mozilla Firefox user you probably know what are addons and use some of them to make surf  life more comfortable.

This article is about GreaseMonkey addon. I’d like to introduce  it mostly for developers and want to share my knowledge cause I was surprised by its power, simplicity and functionality.

I tried to gather all useful technics, code snippets and documentation in one place to make it a good start page.

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Once I heard weird story. A man was playing some web MMRPG game. Most of these games prohibit multiplayer and you know why 🙂 Game site checks this by setting cookie to browser and when you logout and login with another char it tracks this.

What was the solution ? Most simple one, he installed all versions of browser he found on the Internet(IE,FF,Chrome,Safari, etc). That was weird, but it worked.

I want to tell about much simplier way of doing thia based on Mozilla Firefox profiles.

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Once I faced with task to download some area of Google maps…  At first I tried to glue some downloaded google maps images together manually, but gave up very soon. After googling on the Internet, I found no good way to make it automatically.

I decided to dive in GMap API… By using some sample I wrote simple script, that handles most part of this process automatically.. You just need to select intrested region, zoom, map type and wait 🙂

Method does the following, it loads selected region in one big viewport and after it is loaded, converts it into Canvas, which can be saved as .PNG image.

Feel free to try it

Save google maps as image, jpg or png

File server auditing is a must have process for all companies that rely on file servers to store their critical data and applications. Malicious and accidental modifications to files, permissions, file sharing settings can severely impact your organization. (C) Somewhere on the Internet.

I can not disagree with it 🙂 I have no such goals, file audit is just another line of protection from users, who like to yell “WHERE IS MY LITTLE AND VERY IMPORTANT FILE ???”. In this article I will tell how I setup file audit on samba for linux file server.

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