WordPress plugins I use for blogging!

I am really happy using WordPress for blogging. Plugins are one of the killer feature helps to conquer the world. They really extend it into various, useful, sometimes unexpected ways 🙂

There are tons of plugins available, so you can find almost whatever you want. I want to share my list of plugins used.

Akismet plugin to reject spam comments. It is installed by default, but not activated, easy activation though. When gained some popularity I faced with spam comments. First it was like 1-2 per week and it quickly raised to 10 per day. Installing something like CAPTCHA can help but makes visitor nervous, uncomfortable and not happy!

All in One SEO Pack – SEO optimization. Allows to enter custom meta description, keywords, title for each page. Customize standard post title to include additional information. Build-in Google Analytics code, etc..

Simple Adsense – Inserting Adsense blocks into post content. Really simple, good to get started with AdSense. I am going to move to something more advanced soon.

Contact Form 7 – Nice contact form, sends information on email, see example on my about page

Google XML Sitemaps – Creates xml site map for quicker site indexing. Notifies Google and Bing of new posts and pages.

Header and Footer –  Adds whatever you want to footer and header of pages or posts. Simple way to try new ideas.

NextGEN Gallery – Helps organizing images into albums. Multiple upload, album view, easy management.

Social Sharing Toolkit – Adds social buttons to your posts, like facebook, tweeter. I am not really happy with it, but its most advanced plugin I’ve found, I tried several of thouse.

Stealth Publish – Publish new post without showing it in RSS feeds. Sometimes useful.

WordCounter.net – Counts words and characters in post or page. Useful for estimating value of translation or rewriting.

WordPress Editorial Calendar – Its easy to get lost, If you schedule posts in future. It shows nice calendar with all scheduled posts

WP-Syntax – Since I publish lots of programming code, its very useful for my visitors to see it highlighted. It makes your program code looks fancy. Syntax highlighter for Javascript, PHP, CSS, and 50+ other languages. Uses Geshi.

WPML Multilingual CMS – Makes your blog multilingual. Links sames posts with different translations. Now its commercial, I have latest free version installed.


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