Recently, everybody heard the latest news from Google about new protocol which can speedup and make more comfortable internet surfing.

If not, better to read official white paper.  It is called "SPDY", another endless attempt to fix this world.

But will Google make something that won't have big chances to succeed ? I did not think so.

This protocol affect server side(web server) and client side(browser). To deploy it well both parts need to be changed. That is almost impossible in Internet reality. Many improvements to Internet were developed recently, including ones to improve email, fighting spam, etc... Where are they ? Penetration is not more than 5-10%.

Think again about Google.

They have their own browser, which is not so poplar as other leaders, but it is well designed, stable, fast and gained his part or market. For sure Google will add support of this protocol for their Google Chrome browser. It is matter of several months.

Do not forget, Google is biggest content/service provider on the net, that means - all web servers are under their control. Sure they will add support of SPDY to web server part.

Very soon, users who use Google Chrome and Google Mail|Docs|Wave services will experience much better performance of these apps. Even now I prefer Chrome for Gmail and Docs. This will lead to increased popularity of Chrome.

Will Mozilla stay aside ? I don't think so. Will Apache stay aside ? I don't think so.

Google+Mozilla+Apache and revolution is almost over.