Deploy to Virtual Private Cloud using Github actions

Github actions is a nice addition to all GH services. It might be very useful as basic CI/CD system. Easy to setup and use.

I wasn't sure about using it because of GH is a public system and I want to use it to deploy code into private network servers.

Whitelisting GH IP addresses and opening ports from outside is not my way. Here is how to solve it.

Google, something is very wrong with your API's

Google FCM or Google Cloud Messaging is terrible to setup, understand and use. Documentation looks solid, but it does not give answers to tons of small questions of how it works behind the scene. How to expire subscription? How to unsubscribe everybody from given topic?

Wordpress Gutenberg 2

Wordpress Classic Editor plugin has 5M+ installs except,

Asynchronous requests with RxHTTP

Asynchronous programming is very popular nowadays, mostly popularized by Javascript in Node.JS. Having single thread in Javascript leaves no way to do parallel things. Same picture is in PHP, where request is handled by single process or thread.

Good news is that PHP is not years behind. There are already async extensions and libraries, for example ReactPHP.

Our goal can easily be reached using ReactPHP based on callbacks or promises, but I want to add more magic with RxPHP. It is outstanding approach to solve daily tasks in a way you might never thought before.

So let's describe ultimate goals and move on:  Efficially query remote Rest API via HTTP GET.

Change tooltip position on Google Charts

It does not support changing tooltip position by any methods.  In case of HTML tooltips, they appear not in desired position.  Next method works, it is based on my findings and own experience.

It is time for Vue.JS, put your jQuery on shelf

You've heard, most likely, about elephants of modern web front-end development like Angular or React... May be read some articles about it, but jQuery looks so familiar, why bother?

You are right, you shouldn't. Just try Vue.

MS-SQL Client for Mac
Painful topic once you need a visual tool to connect to MS-SQL once or twice using your shiny MacBook. All tools I found are either too expensive either too basic and frustrating. Except one I found ...
Docker DNS name for host
Todays update for docker "17.06.0-rc1-ce-mac13" brough very good news. Add an experimental DNS name for the host: docker.for.mac.localhost Which means that from inside the contai ...
Docker for Mac is finally fixed (was slow)
Famous issue 77 have some news, finally!   Here is the magic to your docker-compose.yml that brings speed to big PHP projects like Drupal or Wordpress   services: php: build: ./php ...
How I use Wordpress with Git and Composer

Amazing approach!