By this article I start publishing all interesting stuff I've made. Kind of portfolio.

Visual Petri Net Plus (VPNP)  was thesis of my diploma work at Technical University of Moldova(2000-2002). It is Petri Net designer, simulator and calculator. It has nice graphical engine that help to draw Petri net quite easy.

Theory of Petri Nets is intresting, you can find a lot of information on the net.

My work was to do graphical designer, save/load and simulation.

Tools used: Delphi 5.

# Designer interface

Interface was inspired by standard Delphi interface.

# design panel

# Element property editor

Looks like standard delphi Object Inspector, but it is not. It is custom written.

property inspector

# Sample nets drawings




# Simulation

This is most attractive part in this project.

Simulation control panel

Allows to add graphs to see progress during simulation.


Live simulation

It was recorded from real example. Flash plug-in required to view.

# Downloads

Download executable and some sample to play with.

Source code is available with no support from my side, use on your own risk.

# Testimonials

From: Rubén Vásquez [email protected]
Oct 17 
to reilean, me, vovchic
Hi Reilean, Bosneaga and Maslo
I have been using the software Visual Petri Net Plus you designed. Let me tell you that it's my favorite Petri Nets simulator.
I just wanted to thank you for doing this amazing software, me and my students like it lots.
I am a master teacher in Medellín, Colombia, South America.
Thanks again and good luck with your future projects.


  • [1]. E. Gutuleac, C. Bosneaga, A. Reilean. VPNP - Software Tool for Modeling and Performance Evaluation Using Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets. 6th International Conference on DAS - 2002, Suceava, Romania, May 23-25, 2002.