Сertainly, era of dial-up modems has gone and modern broadband internet made almost all sites loaded in a seconds.However, there are several reasons why you should still worry about every byte of size of your company or personal blog size.

These reasons are:

  1. Visitor perceptivity. Slow sites are annoying, who will trust your technology when your site is sluggish?
  2. Mobile users with pads, tablets, 3G modems. These devices typically have slower connectivity.
  3. Some world locations are growing rapidly but may not receive fast broadband yet.
  4. SEO. Search engines analyzes page load speed and may lower your site in ratings.
Does your site loading speed annoys visitors ? Is it optimal ?

There are a number of browser extensions which can help you identify technical bottlenecks. The most well-known are Yahoo’s YSlow for Firefox/Firebug and Google’s Page Speed for Firefox/Firebug and Chrome. The choices are more limited if you’re using IE, Opera or Safari and the plug-ins may not be practical if you’re working away from your PC.

Therefore, Google has released Page Speed Online — a perfect tool which provides a list of helpful tips which could improve your website performance.

Usage is extremely simple - enter a URL and you’ll be shown a list of high, medium and low priority suggestions:

Click here to access Google Page Speed Online

Overall, Page Speed Online is a great tool for quick testing. Test your site today!