Personally I have long switched to electronic books, and already forgotten when I read something in the paper. First it was a PocketPC 2002 (Haali), then PDA Asus, now Android (FBReader). Long and firmly sitting on the format of FB2. But sometimes it happens that interesting book is not available in FB2 version. Here comes solution I found several days ago that can help with conversion into fb2

Format fb2, or so-called FictionBook is a text format with XML markup into chapters, paragraphs, epigrams. It is possible to insert pictures. Since the format of the text, it is remarkably compressed  with ZIP archiver. Books in the format become the de facto format, and all of the reading programs are able to unpack it on-the-fly. The book of 200-300Kb is enough for a leisurely week reading for half an hour a day. So for today's USB flash drive 4-8Gb you can carry with them an entire library.

The standard has Russian roots and a huge amount of available Russian speaking books under this format. Somewhere on the Internet I've seen collections of 30GB of books. also made ​​a significant contribution to the popularization of the format.

So with the help of service possible to easily convert any of the following formats and fb2:

  • doc
  • docx
  • epub
  • html
  • lit
  • lrf
  • mobi
  • odt
  • pdb
  • pdf
  • prc
  • rtf, txt
The service is absolutely free and does not cause any difficulties. All that is required of you - is to upload your files (supports up to five pieces at a time, the total amount should not exceed 25 mb).

Service 2Epub appreciate all the fans of reading, which you may want to periodically convert the book to read on their favorite electronic device, whether it's iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle, or online service such as Bookmate.

As I was suggested, there is another similar service