Docker for Mac is finally fixed (was slow)
Famous issue 77 have some news, finally!   Here is the magic to your docker-compose.yml that brings speed to big PHP projects like Drupal or Wordpress   services: php: build: ./php ...
Now on HTTPS

Now blog is accessible via HTTPS. There are couple of options nowadays to do it for free. I used the simpliest one.

How I lost and recovered my photo collection in Africa trip

After some very successful photo sessions in Africa, my collection counted like 2000 photos. I was quite happy since most of them were good to show to my friends.

Once in the evening I open my Picture folder in Ubuntu and found that it is empty. Completely empty, nothing was there. I was totally destroyed, shocked.

But I stayed optimistic, since nothing is lost without tracks, even in some cases it is very hard to destroy piece of information.