Deploy to Virtual Private Cloud using Github actions

Github actions is a nice addition to all GH services. It might be very useful as basic CI/CD system. Easy to setup and use.

I wasn't sure about using it because of GH is a public system and I want to use it to deploy code into private network servers.

Whitelisting GH IP addresses and opening ports from outside is not my way. Here is how to solve it.

Google, something is very wrong with your API's

Google FCM or Google Cloud Messaging is terrible to setup, understand and use. Documentation looks solid, but it does not give answers to tons of small questions of how it works behind the scene. How to expire subscription? How to unsubscribe everybody from given topic?

Wordpress Gutenberg 2

Wordpress Classic Editor plugin has 5M+ installs except,

MS-SQL Client for Mac
Painful topic once you need a visual tool to connect to MS-SQL once or twice using your shiny MacBook. All tools I found are either too expensive either too basic and frustrating. Except one I found ...
Docker DNS name for host
Todays update for docker "17.06.0-rc1-ce-mac13" brough very good news. Add an experimental DNS name for the host: docker.for.mac.localhost Which means that from inside the contai ...
Debugging REST API of Android App on Mac/Linux

Here is a task. There is Android application which uses some REST API over HTTP. This API is in refactoring phase and sometimes fails on random calls. Through application its not possible to understand the real reason. I need to intercept calls and see the details. How to do it with less blood? I am using Mac

Heredoc variable with Javascript

Javascript is amazing in terms of unobvious features. Sometimes it solves your problem in way you never think of.

In this case I need a small HTML template to be included into my very simple JS project. Since template is multi-line I want to edit it as-is and dont mess with "+" on each line. Here is a simple and elegant solution:

Reading directory list - new PHP5 way

It has been long time for using opendir, readdir functions or even scandir for reading directory listing from the disk.  Even myself still using it when in need.

Its time to update your snipped library with new PHP5 object oriented code. This is definitely not a new new thing, but still I want to make an article on it to attract more users to use this feature.

Dynamicly load Google Maps v3

Quite often pages are overloaded with 3rd party APIs or widgets and page loading time becomes a bottleneck in user experience. In my project I need google maps support, but only if user selects one particular tab.

So how to load Google Maps V3 dynamicly, on button click or tab select

How to connect to rare databases in PHP (informix, oracle, db2)

Recently I took part in integration project and faced interesting problem. PHP application that I deploy must communicate with Informix database for data selecte. This php application aims to corporate market, so its not a extraordinary case. I see that it may require connecto to Oracle or DB2 in near future.

Yes, PHP itself has wide choose of database connectors, which is a good option to have native database support. The only problem is that most of them are used so rare that are usualy not compiled in all modern Linux destributos. For example in Ubuntu server 12.04 there are five most pupular php5-sybase php5-interbase php5-mssql php5-mysql php5-pgsql.

Thinking of it, I found one interesting solution.