NoSQL Parody :)
While certainly not in the same class as Hilarious Video: Relational Database vs NoSQL Fanb ...
HUMOR: from Gary Bernhardt WAT

Gary shows some nice caveats of some modern dynamic languages, have fun!

Recompile linux kernel on vacation

Sweetheart, just because you can recompile the server's Linux kernel from here doesn't mean you should :)

Last summer memories: rafting

While it is winter, it is good to remember some nice summer events, like rafting.

Route: Rezina-Dubasari Length: 5 days Pictures: here is the link

Bakery: bread

Not a rocket science. Using this recipe I did a nice and tasty loaf of bread. 3 hours from idea to result 😃 see sub cat

Coming soon: winter rafting report
Rafting on Dniester river Timespan: 29 - 30 of January Route: Dubasari - Vadul-lui-Voda Season: Winter, day -5C, night -10C <img class="alignnone size-full w ...
Velohora 2010

It was fun. 20 kilometers on the streets of my home city. Despite small rain in the morning, central square was overcrowded with people and bikes. Perfect chance to show to authorities and drivers how many of us are and it's time to accept this reality by issuing new laws and road rules.

Bukovel skiing

Ну вот и закончился зимний отдых. В этом году получилось сумбурно, без планирования. Хотели в поехать в Румынию, но из-за проблем с визой отправились в Карпаты на Украину. В город Яремча(Yaremche) с катанием в Буковеле(Bukovel).