Wordpress plugin: Full screen AD

Displays full screen splash AD on first site entrance.

Wordpress plugin: Mobile website redirection

Really simple plugin I did for my client located in Canada (east).

One interesting thing of this plugin is that I published it on Wordpress.org repository and I was through all steps required.

Using layout pattern with CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is great framework by its simplicity. But when I moved from CakePHP, I really missed layout pattern.

CodeIgniter documentations offers this way to include non-changing site header and footer


For sure it isn't flexible and does not show page structure in a clear way. For many years I use layout pattern. Layout describes whole page as a template with blocks for header, menu, content, etc like on figure below. On page rendering these blocks are filled with data.

I found a small code snipped for CI and improved it. You are welcome to try!

Real-estate marketing tool

Tool for marketing realty via several sources Craigslist, Facebook, etc...

The suite was designed with both front and back-end users in mind. Our ad creation, end-user marketing, and analytics tools are just as visually appealing and powerful as the front-end platform used to deliver them to renters themselves.

Realty site with backend

Realty site for Chicago based realty agency with powerfull backend.

Position custom and fancy overlay dialog on Google Maps V3

Nowadays many sites uses embedded map from Google for purposes like showing object location, drive-in way or more complex stuff. Recent Google Maps Version3 (V3) API becomes very powerful, but remained very clear and easy to use.

While developing site for real estate company I faced with necessity to display fancy, complex overlays on top of the map when user clicks on the marker.

There are some standard ways of showing so called info-windows. The problem is that it is not possible put complex formatting there or catch mouse clicks events.

To solve it I have to to dig into API internals and recent version V3 has some surprises here.

Wordpress plugin: AD text poster

Wordpress plugin  to insert customized AD into post text.

Find the latitude and longitude of address using Geocoding API example

In my recent project I faced the task of doing translation of property address in form we usually use it into global coordinates, that can be plotted on the map. Using Google API services this task is quite easy. You can check example and source code below

Video sharing site

Video sharing site

Mass emailing solution

This setup I've created for one of my client over 4 years ago. The task was - optimize mail delivery. There are number of software packages doing legitimate mailing with lists of addresses. Traffic is about 20Gb of mails per day. Most of 5 servers where 99% CPU busy with load average of 10-20.