MS-SQL Client for Mac
Painful topic once you need a visual tool to connect to MS-SQL once or twice using your shiny MacBook. All tools I found are either too expensive either too basic and frustrating. Except one I found ...
Wordpress plugins I use for blogging!

I am really happy using Wordpress for blogging. Plugins are one of the killer feature helps to conquer the world. They really extend it into various, useful, sometimes unexpected ways šŸ˜ƒ

There are tons of plugins available, so you can find almost whatever you want. I want to share my list of plugins used.

Free online dictionary It is web based, ajax, searches through 100M+ words very fast. Source code is available on request. More details are hereĀ < ...
phpMyDict - Stardict web backend with PHP

Stardict is a popular open source dictionary program as well as file format for storing dictionaries. There areĀ alternativesĀ of StarDict, some of them better, some worse. But I never meet some WEB application to use dictionaries in StarDict format and interface through the web browser.Ā I found this little interesting and created one...

Launchy - handy application launcher

Windows "Start menu" is not something suitable for daily usage. MS has a long history to make it better, to complete failure in Vista, complex and unusable. Many other launchers were invented during this time with buttons/toolbars/bookmarks. All of it should make program launching more pleasant, but it does not.

Here comes Launchy.