Google, something is very wrong with your API's

Google FCM or Google Cloud Messaging is terrible to setup, understand and use. Documentation looks solid, but it does not give answers to tons of small questions of how it works behind the scene. How to expire subscription? How to unsubscribe everybody from given topic?

Wordpress Gutenberg 2

Wordpress Classic Editor plugin has 5M+ installs except,

Asynchronous requests with RxHTTP

Asynchronous programming is very popular nowadays, mostly popularized by Javascript in Node.JS. Having single thread in Javascript leaves no way to do parallel things. Same picture is in PHP, where request is handled by single process or thread.

Good news is that PHP is not years behind. There are already async extensions and libraries, for example ReactPHP.

Our goal can easily be reached using ReactPHP based on callbacks or promises, but I want to add more magic with RxPHP. It is outstanding approach to solve daily tasks in a way you might never thought before.

So let's describe ultimate goals and move on:  Efficially query remote Rest API via HTTP GET.

Change tooltip position on Google Charts

It does not support changing tooltip position by any methods.  In case of HTML tooltips, they appear not in desired position.  Next method works, it is based on my findings and own experience.

It is time for Vue.JS, put your jQuery on shelf

You've heard, most likely, about elephants of modern web front-end development like Angular or React... May be read some articles about it, but jQuery looks so familiar, why bother?

You are right, you shouldn't. Just try Vue.

How I use Wordpress with Git and Composer

Amazing approach!

Debugging REST API of Android App on Mac/Linux

Here is a task. There is Android application which uses some REST API over HTTP. This API is in refactoring phase and sometimes fails on random calls. Through application its not possible to understand the real reason. I need to intercept calls and see the details. How to do it with less blood? I am using Mac

Heredoc variable with Javascript

Javascript is amazing in terms of unobvious features. Sometimes it solves your problem in way you never think of.

In this case I need a small HTML template to be included into my very simple JS project. Since template is multi-line I want to edit it as-is and dont mess with "+" on each line. Here is a simple and elegant solution:

Dynamicly load Google Maps v3

Quite often pages are overloaded with 3rd party APIs or widgets and page loading time becomes a bottleneck in user experience. In my project I need google maps support, but only if user selects one particular tab.

So how to load Google Maps V3 dynamicly, on button click or tab select

Optimize your Wordpress site with Rackspace CDN

CDN is abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. Hard to believe that like 5 years ago it sounded like a rocket science in WWW. Only huge sites were able to afford it and configure it right. Now things have completely changed and today's question is: Why you still do not use CDN for your site or blog?

Because of the W3 Total Cache plugin, setting up a CDN for Wordpress based site is criminally simple. Thats another one cent in my love Wordpress topic. If your website receives more than a few hundred visitors a month, or if your site makes visitors download a lot of data (images, self-hosted javascripts, flash files, etc.), this is a great setup.

There’s also an SEO benefit in using a CDN…at least indirectly. Faster sites get more traffic from Google and Bing than slower sites. By making your site faster, you increase the likelihood Google will refer people to your site.