How to convert to FB2 - FictionBook

Personally I have long switched to electronic books, and already forgotten when I read something in the paper. First it was a PocketPC 2002 (Haali), then PDA Asus, now Android (FBReader). Long and firmly sitting on the format of FB2. But sometimes it happens that interesting book is not available in FB2 version. Here comes solution I found several days ago that can help with conversion into fb2

PHP Development in the Cloud

Nevertheless Amazon recent downtime showed us that clouds are not panacea for all problems, they are the future. Especially when quick scale, precise resource allocation is needed.

This book is about  applying your PHP skills in a clouds.

Most developers gloss over when they hear “the cloud” as the term has been appropriated by marketing types and has very little true meaning anymore. In this book, Vito and Ivo strip bare the buzzwords and help PHP developers figure out what the cloud is actually about and how they can take advantage of what cloud computing has to offer. After reading this book, you will not only have a clear picture of what cloud computing is, but you’ll also be able to utilize the various cloud services that are out there.