Continuing my story of trip to Georgia, this time trip to resort town of Batumi. My desire to go to Batumi was backed by memories of childhood, in a shaggy 89 or 90, I was with my parents in Abkhazia (Sukhumi, Gagra, Pitsunda), which is not very far from Batumi. Take a bath in a Black Sea after week of work is also a good idea! Batumi, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, is located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. City has changed over the last couple of years through investments. The old center, completely renovated, is now more like the center of the Mediterranean town. Nice to walk along the narrow and quiet streets. The center itself is small, you can get around 20 minutes.

Like any city, located in a subtropical climate, which has distinctive exotic. Palms, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, lemon and orange trees, arborvitae and boxwood grow and fragrant in this border city.

In 1547, Batumi was conquered by the Ottomans, who held the city for almost 300 years, it has had on the fact that in contrast to the Orthodox Georgia there are many Muslims, there is a mosque.

Pleasantly surprised by the Black Sea, waves the size of my height in the middle of the day, I have not seen for 20 years. We had to choose the time between waves that-be to go out or go into the water.

# Accommodation in the hostel

This is probably most remembered for the Batumi part adventure. Planning a trip and I had no doubt that will not be difficult to find a room on the ground, as in any other resort in the ex-USSR. But I was interested in a different experience 😃 Search sites, I reserved a place for one night in a hostel "Batumi hostel", prepayment immediately online card.

Before that, I had never stayed in hostels. Hostels in average cost between 6-20 euros per night - way to save on accommodation and focus on the journey. Price - is their main advantage. Conditions seemed to me more than enough, everything is clean, laundry, hot showers, kitchen.

But as it turned out that social part is main. The presence of common place brings people together for fellowship, for a meal or drinks. There is an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, to share experiences and information about places to visit, to practice  English or French. In just two days, I talked to the Americans, the British, French, New Zealanders, Poles, Iranians, as I wrote in Georgia there are lot of tourists.

Cool dude from the states, Logan, who lived in this place for two months, took video about this place. If interested in Logan's blog has a lot of traveling to Georgia.

Batumi hostel left a very favorable impression. Thank Lasha, Logan and everyone who was there at the time for an enjoyable time.

# Food

Adjara khachapuri, different from the usual by broken egg on top. Georgian cuisine is generally liked. Products look like usualy, but the spices and sauces all served under which does all the food very tasty. And corn flour then white.

# Transportation

From Tbilisi to Batumi to get easier and more comfortable just train. The train departs in the evening or at night, arriving in the morning. Tickets must be taken in advance, for 3-4 days at least and just back and forth, a lot of tourists in the summer and all bought up. The cars are different, reserved seat, convertible. I was driving on the express train, very decent interior and seats as the plane, the air conditioner. Only 22 lari per 400 km.

Another option - bus, departs from Metro Didube, the road passes through the scenic mountain pass.

Taxi Tbilisi-Batumi is 120-180 GEL.

# Travel to Georgia