This time I was in Kazbegi. Kazbegi town, located at the foot of Mount Kazbek, near the Terek River, which originates in Georgia.

Mount Kazbek is one of the highest peaks, not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus, which is so rich in majestic peaks. Is the "top" of the stunning beauty of the mountain is covered by snow and ice valley that periodically descend. Mount Kazbek is to the side of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Height of the mountain up to 5000 meters.

In fact, now the city is called not Kazbegi but Stepantsminda.

This time I could not get a weekend tour, in spite of all my efforts. I had to operate by myself. Friday night had studied all that is on the Internet about Kazbegi - transport, accommodation, places  worth to visit. Saturday morning at 6:30 am out of the house, 20 minutes and I'm on the subway, going to a magical place "underground station Didube", where all roads begin 😃. At 8:30 I went to Kazbegi by marshrutka bus.

The trip takes 2.5 hours drive through a beautiful panorama, beautiful pass and has been at the center of Kazbegi. Centre - is the area-parking, hotels, shop and snack bar.

# Day one

First and foremost, we must decide where to sleep, choice of residence is not difficult, a lot of offers. Total for 30 lari per night including dinner and breakfast. Here I met Ben, a guy from Boston, he also is based in Tbilisi and also considers a crime to stay at home on weekends. So we spent most of their time together.

These places are known primarily for its wildlife.

You can move around  - on foot, by taxi, by horse. Teamed with a two French guys we have traveled by taxi in 3 places:

  • Russian border control post - 10 km, red roof. You can not pass it on foot, must hitchhike.
  • Visited the waterfall on the way back
  • Walked around Kasara canyon about 5:00, very nice

# Second day - Kazbegi

The first day the sky was densely covered with clouds, not even a hint of the top in the 5K meters. Having decided to get up early, something to catch a little more, I was pleasantly surprised by the view from the window. The clouds parted and the top was clearly visible (photo at the beginning of the post).

There, on a small photo is visible church - Tsminda Sameba, in the village of Gereti erected here in ancient times. Located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, this church dates back to XII-XIII centuries. Two hours of recovery and we are.

After seeing the church, and after consulting with other tourists decided to go up to panarama view at an altitude of 3K meters. According to estimations Output is 2.5 hours. I'm used to it took nearly 3 hours. I like to walk in the mountains, but 3:00 shove up all the time - it was damn hard.

For all the time lifting met many tourists from different countries: Iran, Poland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Austria, USA. We were shocked by meeting gentleman from London, who was wearing pants, a shirt and tie 😃 It turns out that Georgia has become a very popular tourist destination.

On panarama view, had a gorgeous view, including Glacier (near my right ear)

If you go on, then another 2 hours walk to the glacier, and then another 1.5 hours for meteorological station. Met many climbers who went to the top, they say it is necessary for all 4 days.

After the descent, the balance of forces was only enough khachapuri, a bottle of beer and crawl into the minibus back to Tbilisi. Weekend lived not in vain 😃

# Photo

All Kazbegi photos are here

# Contacnts

Taliko GuestHouse

  • +995 557 49-89-96 (Taliko) 15 lari/night, +15lari for dinner and breakfast.
Vasilii GuestHouse/Taxi
  • +995 599 91-87-87, Vasilii