How I lost and recovered my photo collection in Africa trip

After some very successful photo sessions in Africa, my collection counted like 2000 photos. I was quite happy since most of them were good to show to my friends.

Once in the evening I open my Picture folder in Ubuntu and found that it is empty. Completely empty, nothing was there. I was totally destroyed, shocked.

But I stayed optimistic, since nothing is lost without tracks, even in some cases it is very hard to destroy piece of information.

Travel to Georgia: Kakheti

Kakheti, the area in eastern Georgia, for centuries known around the world for its wines, varieties of which there are about seventy. The history of winemaking in Kakheti begins in III-II centuries BC The heart of this generous region - Alazani Valley.

Feature of the technology Kakheti wine type: grape must fermentation occurs in kvevri, the size of which can be truly gigantic, see picture.

Travel to Georgia: Kazbegi

This time I was in Kazbegi. Kazbegi town, located at the foot of Mount Kazbek, near the Terek River, which originates in Georgia.

Mount Kazbek is one of the highest peaks, not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus, which is so rich in majestic peaks. Is the "top" of the stunning beauty of the mountain is covered by snow and ice valley that periodically descend. Mount Kazbek is to the side of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Height of the mountain up to 5000 meters.

Travel to Georgia: Khevsureti

While in Tbilisi, I planned a weekend trip to the mountains. Frankly, mountains - it's my weakness. Love the mountains - high, rocky, green, with snow-capped peaks. Majestic views that do not want to pass the camera.

This time I was sent to Khevsureti. The tour was scheduled for two days, with an overnight stay in tents. Our final destination was the village of Shatili. On the way we saw several old buildings, but the biggest attraction is of course the nature of the region.

Travel to Georgia: Batumi

Continuing my story of trip to Georgia, this time trip to resort town of Batumi. My desire to go to Batumi was backed by memories of childhood, in a shaggy 89 or 90, I was with my parents in Abkhazia (Sukhumi, Gagra, Pitsunda), which is not very far from Batumi. Take a bath in a Black Sea after week of work is also a good idea!

Travel to Georgia: Mtskheta

Hello, this is next part of the story of my trip to Georgia. This time, I will talk about a tour of the historic city of Mtskheta, which was able to visit in one day. The city is very old, established in 1500-1300 BC and  is the first capital of the kingdom of Kartli (Georgia), but from the past have only two temples.

Now it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Georgia where one can see many historical and religious monuments.

Travel to Georgia: Tbilisi

This post I want to open a small series of publications about my trip to Georgia, I ean country in Caucasus region. On business, I've been here four weeks, most of the time was busy working, so to explore the interesting things were only off by week end. It turned out to do and the two-day excursions with overnight stays in a hostel or tent :) Got a lot of impressions that and want to share, as well as the practical side of things, and pictures.